Sobre a Clínica Makai


Consultations are a preponderant factor in the success of the ends that we propose to achieve at a personal level.

A multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness promotion is very important.

In addition to a more accurate initial assessment and better goal setting, designing a complete food re-education program allows stress management and promotes change to a healthy lifestyle.

Consultations at Makai Clinic®

At Makai Clinic® we have a team of Nutritionists, Psychologists and Personal Trainer who conduct our consultations in the area of nutrition, psychology and physical fitness.

These elements work as a “team” so that the proposed monitoring is complete and as profound as possible.

This approach allows goals to be achieved more quickly, without sacrifices, with a noticeable improvement in the quality of life and lead to lifestyle changes to last forever.

Learn more about each of the consultations at Makai Clinic®:

Nutrition Consultation

Psychology Consultation

Physical Fitness Counseling