Sistema LIPOFF®

LIPOFF® – Lipo Reduction Programme

The LIPOFF® program was developed by the Makai Clinic®, being it’s exclusive, to provide the best results in the fastest possible way.

The LIPOFF® program allows you to obtain results of a lipo suction in record time compared to other systems.


We live in an era where technology does not cease to amaze us with new and better ways of simplifying our lives.

Also in the field of health, and more specifically in the fight against localized fat, nutrition sciences and technology go hand in hand to provide the best results in the shortest possible time and in a wholesome way.

After years of experience, contact with several technologies and much research, the LIPOFF® Program by Makai Clinic® emerges.

Bringing together the three best, latest and most evolved technologies to reduce body fat to a strictly tailored food plan and a permanent specialized accompaniment is born LIPOFF® – ULTIMATE FAT REMOVAL SYSTEM.

The LIPOFF® program, a Makai Clinic® exclusive, is designed to deliver the best results as quickly as possible.

It is an absolutely non-invasive, painless program with total respect for your health.

The program uses HIFU Radio frequency, laser diode and ultrasound with very particular characteristics.

The direct but non-invasive action allows to increase the permeability of the adipocytes and thus enable the use of the fatty acids stored there as an energy source.

Associated with a specific diet plan, we optimize the use of this energy source and achieve a reduction of body fat, in a more localized, but perfectly organic, non-invasive way, without risk to health and recovery time.

This technology allows to have very significant results immediately after the treatment and still more in the weeks following the accomplishment of the same.

LIPOFF® Program
LIPOFF® Program

The main objectives of nutritional monitoring during the LIPOFF® Program are:

  • To evaluate the initial nutritional status of the individual
  • Set goals for weight loss and body fat
  • Design an individualized food plan
  • Regularly monitor the evolution of the individual
  • Guide and encourage throughout the program
  • Promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle
  • Start a maintenance program and keep track of

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